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Quick, informative clips dedicated to clearing up questions regarding the New Rules of Golf.

Alternative to Stroke and Distance

Areas the Committee May Mark as Penalty Areas

Ball Moved During Search

Caddie Lifting Ball on Putting Green

Caddies Standing Behind Player to Help Lining Up

Elimination of Requirement to Announce Intent to Lift Ball

Encouraging Prompt Pace of Play

Encouraging Prompt Play

Maximum Score Form of Stroke Play

Measuring Size of Relief Area Where a Ball Must Be Dropped and Played

Moving Loose Impediments or Touching Ground in Bunker

New Procedure for Dropping a Ball

No Penalty for Moving Ball on the Putting Green

Procedure for Taking Back on a Line Relief

Procedure for Taking Lateral Relief

Repairing Damage on Putting Green

Standard for Deciding Whether or Why a Ball Moved

Substitution of Ball Always Allowed When Taking Relief

Touching Line of Play on Putting Green

Touching Loose Impediments or Ground in a Penalty Area

Unplayable Ball in Bunker

When to Replace a Ball that Moves on the Putting Green

Where a Dropped Ball Must Come to Rest



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