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Volunteer work is the lifeblood of the SNGA.  For many that means simply stepping up and taking on an important role with your club whether it be serving on a tournament committee, handicap committee or acting as your club’s SNGA liaison by being an SNGA Director. But there are several other opportunities to volunteer and provide the assistance we need to provide the world-class services.

It is through the tireless efforts of our volunteers that the SNGA is able to provide its members with its services.  From Tournament Administration, to Course Ratings, the SNGA Volunteer program is a vital program in the SNGA’s operations.

Many volunteer opportunities are available to those that are interested in helping.  Some of the volunteer opportunities include:

  • Pre-Tournament Administration
  • Tournament Administration
  • Rules Officiating
  • Course Marking
  • Course Rating
  • Board Representation
  • SNGA Management Committees (Special Events, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Foundations, Membership)

CLICK HERE if you are interested in volunteering with the SNGA. Fill out the form and you will be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities.We thank you for your support of the SNGA and look forward to growing our volunteer base for help in providing excellent service to our members and member clubs.

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