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Establish An SNGA Corporate Partnership

Golf is also the sport of business and the Southern Nevada Golf Association provides a select number of companies an ideal year-round platform for reaching the region’s most avid golf audience as well as more than 60,000 golfing visitors that come to the area each month.Those companies looking for the right vehicle to drive business should consider creating a meaningful and measurable partnership with the SNGA and its passionnate golfing members. 

Image is everything and we’ve got it. As a partner, you’ll tap the equity of the regional governing bodies for the sport, along with our vision and our values.  Our core values and beliefs include being community-spirited, forward thinking, proud of our heritage, and committed to serving our members by providing quality facilities, services and benefits that are welcoming, hospitable, are customer service oriented and provide an excellent value.

With our relationship you’ll be able to capitalize on close, relevant and appreciated connections with an affluent and influential audience. In golf, the Pacific Northwest has never looked better. Our courses are being recognized more and more on an international stage having hosted more than 10 major amateur and professional championships in just the past five years.

The SNGA’s goal is to be able to have the resources to expand direct tangible benefits to our members, as well as develop additional resources so that we may enhance the services we presently offer the golf community whether its programs such as Junior Golf, The First Tee, and other opportunities to boost the game of golf at facilities across the region.

Companies interested in reaching golf’s enthusiastic and diverse demographics are invited to contact the Southern Nevada Golf Associations to see if a partnership program can be tailored to meet their needs. A limited number of Official Partner opportunities are available.

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Digital Advertising Opportunities

The Southern Nevada Golf Association provides online and electronic opportunities which enable our partners to market their message to the most engaged golf audience.

Digital opportunities include eRevisions, targeted email blasts, enewsletters, and for our major partners, an opportunity to have your partnership displayed on Handicap Posting screens. 

More than half of our members receive their USGA Handicap Index via our eRevision. Unlike most commercial emails, members regularly open their eRevision at a rate of more the 75%. That means you can be assured that more than 5,000 avid golfers will see your message.

Even out-of-market advertisers can benefit from a relationship with the SNGA.  In addition to being a destination market with an average of 60,000 golf visitors a month, we are part of the GHIN network which connects more than 4 million golfers nationwide.  Visitors also post their scores on our kiosks located at most area courses and can see your message.

Our members are mature, affluent, and sophisticated consumers.  Readers are likely to be among their community’s business and civic leaders. They are very active travelers and willing to spend a little more to make their trips special. They enjoy luxury automobiles, fine wine and dining, jewelry and top-quality accommodations when traveling.  They also want to read about the game they love and the courses and resorts they are likely to play. They are eager to learn about the latest technology or the most up to date fitness and instruction advice – all for the sake of improving their game and enjoying the experience.


SNGA Member Demographics

SNGA Members represent an appealing target audience based on their demographics and purchasing habits.General Demographics
89% of our members are between the ages of 35 & 70
83% of our members are male

Household Income
76% Have over $100,000 household income
84% Have over $75,000 household income

Home Ownership
97% Own their primary residence
39% Own a second/vacation residence
27% Plan to purchase second/vacation residence

43% Business Owner / Top Management
18% Management / Industry Specialist
39% Retired / Other

99% Travel for vacation
71% Have taken at least three airline trips in past year
31% Travel for business
41% Own a boat or an R V

59% Played more than 100 rounds last year
91% Played more than 50 rounds last year
82% Have a handicap of 20 or less

Purchasing Power
59% Use a professional financial advisor
89% Invest in stocks or mutual funds
98% Dine out at least twice a month
59% Spent at least $500 on golf equipment last year
58% Spent more than $3,000 on last vacation
83% Rent a car while traveling
41% Belong to a private, semi-private or resort club
79% Consume wine, beer, or spirits
97% Own a home computer
92% Use the Internet
19% Plan to purchase a new car in the coming year

Economic Impact
The direct economic impact of SNGA members to the Southern Nevada economy exceeds $1 billion annually.  This number is calculated solely based on the average number of rounds played at an estimated value of $50 per round.  This number does not include any additional expenditures on equipment, food & beverage, lodging, etc. and does not reflect any multipliers.


The Elements of an SNGA Partnership

Connect your brand year-round to the thousands of avid golfers and loyal members of the Southern Nevada Golf Association and a powerful regional media footprint.  We develop custom partnerships so you can tap the value of a one-on-one relationship with golf’s most valuable consumer and fulfill your specific marketing goals and objectives.

If you’re looking for the right vehicle to drive your business, there’s nothing like leveraging the affinity we have with our passionate golfing members in Southern Nevada.  The strength of your brand combined with the passion of our members is a powerful combination.  You’ll be able to capitalize on close, relevant and appreciated connections with an affluent and influential audience.

With the Southern Nevada Golf Association, you’ll be speaking with your targets, not at them. Unlike a commercial interruption, your message is woven right into the action, reaching decision-makers where they are passionate and while they’re engaged.  How engaged are they?  How many email marketing programs can boast more than a 60% open rate!! 

Rather than a perfunctory 30-second spot or partnerships tied into short-term special events; you have an opportunity to establish a long-term message integrated into their lifestyle.  When you support something they care about, they’ll support you. Reaching our affinity group provides you the opportunity to capitalize on a relationship with members who’ll have a higher propensity to buy your company’s products and services over those of your competitors.

As a partner, you’ll tap the equity of the regional governing body for the sport, along with our vision as well as those core values integral to our sport such as honesty, integrity, civility, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and judgment.   Additionally, with this relationship, you’ll be able to capitalize on close, relevant and appreciated connections with an affluent and influential audience.

So, whether you’re interested in finding ways to acquire new customers, strengthening current customer relationships or promoting your products and services, being one of the select few to participate with the Southern Nevada Golf Association together provides you an ideal year-round marketing platform for reaching the Pacific Northwest’s most affluent, active and influential demographics.

The following summarizes the marketing inventory that could be included in a partnership depending on your investment:

  • Web Site:  The SNGA web site is the go-to source for information about the game of golf, local tournament information, tournament results, entry information and more!  Your partnership may include clickable banner advertisements that you may change at your discretion.
  • Event Branding:  As a partner, you may choose to take advantage of opportunities to promote and distribute information at select Association events. More than 9,200 rounds of golf are played as part of these events.  For instance, you could be included in championship collateral materials such as scorecards, hole location sheets, and player mailers. You could also place on-site banners/signage at select events.

Other events:  In addition to our championships, sponsorship opportunities are also available at several other SNGA events including:

o SNGA Annual Meeting
o The SNGA Tour (25+ non-championship competitions for individuals, partners, seniors, and women with a season ending Tour Championship)
o SNGA Seminars and Clinics

The type of inventory available at these events may include Presenting, Team, Hole, Hole-in-One, or Hospitality (Lunch, Dinner) sponsor.

  • E-Revisions:  Your partnership can be included in more than 580,000 personalized emails which are sent to subscribers for their official USGA Handicap Index update.  With an open rate that far exceeds any national average our open rate averages about 75%, there is no better electronic media opportunity available.  (The off-season Feb. 1 eRevision had a 62% open rate as of Feb. 11).
  • Handicap Posting Stations:  Nearly 200 golf courses in Southern Nevada and SW Washington have Handicap Posting terminals with more than 2.5 million rounds of golf posted at these courses providing more than 12 million page views. Additional page views Your partnership can include a static banner advertisement that can be changed at your discretion on all handicap posting screens and will also be included on the posting station’s screen saver.
  • Access to Membership Database: Deliver your affinity/activation message to the Southern Nevada Golf Associations’ proprietary mailing list of more than 36,000 avid golfer households either as a stand-alone mailer or in conjunction with the mailing of Pacific Northwest Golfer.  This opportunity is available exclusively to our partners and is not offered at any price á la carte. You would be responsible for paying the cost of materials and the mailing itself.
  • Online Video:  An opening billboard and your 30-second digital commercial announcement can wrap around tournament recaps of four major championships.  The commercial can summarize your partnership or can be any message you desire!
  • Magazine Advertising:  As a Partner of our Association, your brands can be promoted in each issue of Las Vegas Golf & Leisure Magazine which is mailed quarterly to more than 10,000 homes!
  • Digital Magazine Advertising:  Your brand can be promoted in each issue of Nevada Fariways 18, our monthly digital magazine which is emailed to more than 10,000 homes!

The SNGA is committed to work with our Partners to put together win-win arrangements that include a variety of different elements such as those listed above. As a non-profit membership organization, our underlying goal with partnerships is to a) offset current expenses so that we have resources to improve member services, and/or b) offer new member benefits.


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