Golf StoriesVideo Tip: Why Is Knowing Shaft Frequency So Vital?

May 26, 2020by Brian Hurlburt0

“GOLFTEC Tim” Sam is back again with another popular video tip, this time bringing the facts about why club fitting is so important to success and how it can help lower your scores. Sam says there is no industry standard for “staff frequency”, so getting measured will allow you to understand exactly how your golf shaft reacts during the shot. That info is vital for the best feel and performance on the course.

Staff frequency is how fast your club oscillates during a shot. Sam is the GOLFTEC Henderson manager and director of instruction, and recommends his facility, but urges all golfers to get fitted, no matter where, as long as the fitter is a validated and experienced professional with the proper fitting equipment.

About GOLFTEC Fitting

GOLFTEC Certified Club Fitters use advanced launch monitor data, an extensive array of club and shaft combinations and our proprietary TECFIT software to dial in the perfect fit.

Who Is Tim Sam?
PGA Member
Hometown: Erie, PA

“I’ve been with GOLFTEC since 2004 and a PGA Member since 2003. Hard work and sincere passion are crucial to success! More than 32,000 GOLFTEC Lessons given. 2011 GOLFTEC Center Manager of the Year, 2012 Southern Nevada Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year, 2013 Southern Nevada Chapter PGA Horton Smith Award Winner, 2015 and 2016 GOLFTEC U.S. Coach of the Year Co-Located Golfsmith Locations. TPI Certified.”

Brian Hurlburt

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