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May 18, 2020by Brian Hurlburt0

Craig Barlow made 170+ cuts on the PGA Tour and is a former SNGA player of the year, so he knows plenty about the short game. Today, he shares a tip to help lower your scores by pitching and chipping the ball much better. Barlow now serves as the director of instruction at the High Performance Golf Institute at Reflection Bay at Lake Las Vegas.

“This is a fun drill you can do at home and this tip will make it easier for you on the course and also mean lower scores,” Barlow says. “When you pitch the ball, there are a few keys: make sure your club shaft remain neutral and then also returns to neutral at impact. Also, be sure to make a pendulum motion as you swing. You should swing the club back and forth at the same pace.”

The Barlow File

1990 Nevada State High School champion
1994 Nevada State Amateur Champion
1994 Nevada Player of the Year
1995 Nevada State Match Play Champion
Played on the PGA Tour from 1998-2008
Played on the Nationwide/ Tour from 2009-2011, 2014-2016
Played in 6 US Open’s
Played in 1 PGA
Played in 1 British Open
Highlights I’m most proud of ……
Three 3rd place and Three 4th place finishes on the PGA Tour
Made over 150 Cuts(170) which qualifies me as a Veteran Member of the PGA Tour for Life…..
Inducted to the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame in 2011

“My teaching beliefs are focusing on proper set up, lack of tension, great Rhythm, proper technique, and realization that we get better by focusing on the scoring area’s of golf: 100yds and in.”–Craig Barlow.

Barlow can be reached for lesson info at or 702-740-4653.


Brian Hurlburt

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