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January 23, 2019by Brian Hurlburt0

By Tim Quinn, SNGA Handicap Guru
According to the USGA Handicap System Manual, a tournament score (T-Score) is a score made in a competition organized and conducted by the Committee in charge of the competition (the Committee). The competition must identify a winner(s) based on one or more stipulated rounds, and must be played under the Rules of Golf.

The Committee must announce in advance whether the score is to be designated as a T-Score.  The chart below provides guidance to the Committee in determining what should, and what should not, be a T-Score.

Examples of scores made at the club level that should be designated as T-Scores include only major events, such as club championships and member-guest competitions.  In spite of many common misconceptions, match play and team events where players do not complete all 18 holes must always be posted (unless they fail to meet the USGA’s criteria for posting – more details to follow in future issues), and can in fact be designated as T-Scores.

The consequence of designating too many T-Scores is that the chart value in the Handicap Reduction Table will be diluted.  The Committee should not designate regular weekly or monthly games as T-Scores for this reason.

For further reference, please visit USGA official website and scroll down to the definition of “Tournament Score.”


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